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Jakarta International Football League
Season 2006/2007
(reports by courtesy of Dieter and Howie)

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Jakarta Intl'
Football League


match play


Date Opponent Result
31.03.07 BuGils 5:2 (3:1)
21.03.07 JIS 2:5 (1:2)
14.03.07 Vikings 0:0
24.02.07 Japan 2:1 (1:0)
27.01.07 Doit 3:4 (1:2)
19.01.07 Knudde 1:1 (0:0)
13.01.07 Doit 2:2 (1:1)
16.12.06 Japan 1:0 (1:0)
19.11.06 BuGils 1:1 (0:0)
15.11.06 Vikings 1:3 (0:0)
30.10.06 D's Place 0:4 (0:2)
09.10.06 Wanderers 2:2 (1:1)
21.09.06 JIS 0:1 (0:1)

Saturday, March 31, 2007 at the German School, Serpong
German Plus Ė BuGils 5:2 (3:1)

German Plus took control of the match from the early beginning and got their first clear chance after just 10 minutes. Another two minutes later a lovely pass, but the header was not yet really on target. After 20 minutes the lead for German Plus. A hand penalty was converted, 1-0. Further big chances for German Plus, sporadic attacks by BuGils, shortly before end of the first half a header was being deflected by a BuGils player into their own goal, 2-0 at the break.
Shortly after the break a controversial goal for BuGils, as our goalkeeper was clearly fouled and as a result of the attack also had to leave the pitch: 2-1. Then after, German Plus missed another clear chance. However, 5 minutes later German Plus was on target again, 3-1.

Twenty minutes into the second half BuGils headed one home, 3-2. Then after the bar kickers even could have scored the equalizer. Then German Plus decided to make use of their experienced forces again and it worked. 10 minutes from the end 4-2 and approx. 5 minutes from the end 5-2.

German Plus scorers: Yannick Araman (2), Ian Duell, Helmut Saathoff, Thierry Araman
Yellow cards: None of the two referees brought any
Man of the match: "Methusalem" Dieter Cremer (probably the oldest man of the match in JIFL-history. Dieter is now 63 years young)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007 at JIS, Pondok Indah
JIS - German Plus 2:5 (1:2)

Perfect conditions and as usual JIS took the lead after about 10 minutes with an unstoppable shot by Gordon Boyd into the upper left corner of our net. However, we responded after some more JIS attacks 20 minutes later, when I thought Thierry scored for us. However, according to Uwe, goalkeeper for JIS, it was an own goal. So be it. Shortly after that Yannick scored the 2-1 for German Plus and received the yellow card for celebrating his goal without having his shirt on. Probably according to the FIFA rules, but a little bit overacting in our amateur league here. Half time: 2:1 for German Plus

10 minutes into the second half a penalty was awarded to German Plus and Ralf, quite luckily converted it. Later Helmut scored a nice goal and another counter attack was converted by Yannick again to make it 5-1. JIS was disallowed a clear penalty and when the older and less fit and quick generation of German Plus entered the pitch, JIS scored a consolidation goal to make it 5:2.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007 at ISCI, Ciputat Selatan
Vikings - German Plus 0:0 

It was raining heavily in the late afternoon before the match which eventually could take place with a little delay later that evening. German Plus were not yet complete and had to start with only 8 players. But within minutes after the kick off we were complete and could compete against a 15 or 16 men strong Viking squad. German Plus immediately came under pressure and Dony made some fine saves. After about 15 minutes German Plus finally freed themselves and started the first attacks.

Vikings were lucky not to receive the red card when their defender brought down Frank close to the edge of the penalty box. Shortly then after a fulminate header was superbly saved by the Vikings goalie Jan. Half time: 0-0

In the second half not much happened: German Plus was lucky not to concede a goal, as the Vikings had two 100% chances towards the end of the match. Ralf was lucky not to receive the red card for unnecessarily shouting and arguing with the referee's assistant. Full time: 0-0

Probably a fair result between the two bottom of the table. We could not beat the Vikings on the pitch and - and this is very, very seldom - we lost the beer drinking competition. When we left around midnight the hard core of the Vikings were still celebrating.

Yellow cards: Vikings 1, German Plus 1 (Marcel)

MOM: German Plus - Ian

Wednesday, February 24, 2007 at Sentul
Team Japan Ė German Plus 2:1 (1:0)

German MOM: Yannick

A beautiful day for soccer in Sentul. The pitch was nicely watered yet firm enough to keep one's footing and play good football. The German showed up with a few new players to fill in for the several players who had outside commitments or are out due to injuries. Team Japan had just 11 players as the ref blew the starting whistle but gained a few bodies as the game progressed.

German + took control of the early part of the game and put the Japanese under immediate pressure. After about ten minutes, Marcel made a nice run through the midfield and passed the ball on to Helmut who put forward a fine individual effort to beat his man on the left flank and finished with a well directed ball from a difficult angle into the right inside netting of the goal.

Japan, in their typical style never let down and began to put pressure on the German team. The Germans held strong through the defence and held the 1 - 0 score through to half time.

The second half was more of the same, with both sides seeing a fair bit of the ball and both teams mounting some good chances. In the latter part of the second half, the Japanese began to build from the midfield and created several strong attacks. But again the German defence held firm. The Germans demonstrated some brilliant coaching by putting a man to man marker on the fast and dangerous #7; the strategy worked very well and the Japanese had to alter their attack.

Eventually, the Germans got their second goal on a poor call by the referee. Yannick received the ball just outside the box and made an attempt to take on the Japanese defender. The defender executed a wonderful sliding tackle and due to the force of the collision, Yannick went flying several feet into the air. It looked quite dramatic but the tackle was clean. Anyway - the ref awarded a penalty kick and Yannick finished it well. 

The game should have been over but never is the case with the Japanese team - they continued to attack and penetrated deep into the German box on a few occasions. On one such occasion - a Japanese player fell and continued to try and control the ball while laying on the ground. He had the ball firmly trapped under his legs and a German + defender, correctly, tried to dislodge the ball and get it out of the penalty box. The Japanese player refused to relinquish his position, even though it was an obvious dangerous play since he was literally laying on top of the ball. finally the referee blew the whistle to put an end to the foolishness - but then he awarded the Japanese with a penalty kick!?! Ridiculous. The Japanese player converted and soon after the restart the ref blew the whistle to signal the end of the game.

As is usual with the Japanese, a fair and competitive game.

Saturday, January 27, 2007 at the British International School, Bintaro
Do It - German Plus 4:3 (2:1)

The game at the British school in Bintaro this time took place in perfect weather conditions, not so hot like two weeks ago. Both teams had enough players, DO IT a squad of approx. 14 and German Plus came with 16,5 players. Darius also showed up, but was disallowed to play due to his red card against KNUDDE.

Equal ball possession at the begin of the first half. Then DO IT after 20 minutes took the lead after a mistake in the German defence. However German Plus responded immediately after 5 minutes. A nice pass to Hendrik, the DO IT keeper could only deflect the ball and Thierry scored from short distance. Shortly after that the incident that overshadowed the match. Mathias was running towards the DO IT goal, passed by the DO IT defender and got fouled. A clear red card, as the DO IT defender was the last man, however no card were given at all, a free kick only was awarded. Later at the hospital it turned out that Mathias dislocated his collarbone, something what obviously not happens so often. Here in Indonesia they cannot fix it 100% and Mathias could never play soccer again, so he now has to go to Singapore, as soon as he can. Last week against KNUDDE it was Felix with a torn ligament and now Mathias with the dislocated collarbone. Yannick got a deserved yellow card later in the first half and then approx. 5 minutes before the break DO IT took the lead again. Half time 2-1 DO IT.

Again GERMAN PLUS responded ten minutes after the break with a beautiful goal by Salomon out of an almost impossible angle. 2-2. German Plus kept pressuring and the DO IT keeper had to provide some nice saves. The old story of not being able to convert the control of the match into goals. Instead a very fine strike by DO IT's man of the match and again the German defence didn't look too good, as Matt dribbled out 4 players before finally scoring. 3-2. And only 3 minutes later it seemed German Plus were finished again when DO IT made it 4-2. But again German Plus responded and Yannick made it 3-4. We should have even equalized, but Hendrik shortly before the final whistle was not able to find the empty goal out of a distance of 4 meters. German Plus once more not on the lucky side, a draw would have been deserved at least.

German Plus scorers: Thierry Araman, Salomon Gonzales, Yannick Araman

German Plus MOM: Ian Duell

Yellow cards: German Plus and DO IT each 1

How Do It saw the match:

Attendance: 4 security guards, 3 BIS host national staff and 16 drivers or roughly the season average for most Scottish Division 2 outfits. Do It started the match kicking from left to right ( a little tribute to Gerald Sinstadt there!) in their traditional yellow shirts and were soon into a groove with their free flowing passing game pinning the Jermans in their own half.

Gareth Withe sporting an early 1990's Jason Donovan style streaked hair revelled in the free ranging role manager Denise Clarke had assigned to him and saw a lot of the ball, mainly around the half way line unfortunately as Do It built from deep. This tactical approach began to create a number of half chances until Rudi my last name isn't really Penjol went past a nicely overweight German defender but rather than shoot, cut back inside, beat the lumbering Prussian again, pushed it too far so he had to skip past another lunging defender before having a shot which rebounded to him and just as you thought that our little Indonesian whippet had blown his chance, he managed to slot home through a sea of Deutsche defenders. Well I think that's what happened, I was unsighted by Ronan's belly! 1-0 and very much in control with Mike and Ronan seeing a lot of the ball down the flanks.

Very much in control until stand in goalkeeper Grice decided he would even up the encounter by attempting to stop what can only be described as a tame shot with his right nipple as he crumpled to ground down to his right. Attempts to save the moment by calling for offside were rightly turned down by the referee (who had a pretty good game all told) while the linesman just smiled and looked at his flag . 1-1 and suddenly Do It had changed from a confident team of crisp ball passers into a tired and shaky looking side who kept on passing to the hedge at the side of the pitch.

The lederhosen lovers were suddenly full of running and created a few half chances which mainly flew over the bar. A lovely exchange of passes saw a young man from the Palatinate put through but he was roughly bundled to the ground by Owen Hargreaves impersonator Matt Parkin who surprisingly avoided any card despite being last man and the young opponent screaming on the ground with a dislocated shoulder! A few caring words were offered him by Gareth as he left the field. One lad got a little too excited and jumped in with a nasty two footed challenge on John Taylor who is probably still feeling it now! The ref was quick to get out his yellow card and quell any un-necessaries by a number of angered Do It athletes.

The Thuringians continued to press and it had all gone a little bit quiet, possibly because Denise - who was very vocal early on - had thankfully ran out of breath. However, the little ex-Rochdale favourite was to give Do It a crucial half time lead. Not since the days of Wilf Mannion and Tom Finney have you been able to witness center forward play like it. Ronan I think it was who fired in a deep cross to the far post for Clarke to rise above the Bavarian defender (hard to believe but true!) and head straight at the teenage Hessian in goal. The ball rebounded back out with the two strudel munchers and the veteran Lancastrian all prostrate on the ground. Amazingly, the aged mind and legs were the first to react and Denise jumped up like Zebedee on speed and gave Do It perhaps an undeserved lead just before half time.

After some refreshment and the usual chat about what a good passing team we are and it being our game for the taking etc. the second half kicked off and before you could say "Ronan don't do something stupid" the great Oirishman had and was the second victim of the refs yellow card. Not sure what happened as I was taking another brilliant catch from a corner (blatant self promotion I know but I don't remember doing a lot well). Again Do It looked comfortable playing their passing game and I was just thinking how we were going to put them to the sword, when it was at this point that Lucas Sheard who ( and it has to be said had enjoyed an outstanding game at center half) suddenly started defending like a Manchester City player and not supporter. Despite the same information being offered to him by several Do It players, he delayed his pass to El Sid long enough to be robbed by a young Saxon who, after being held up by the diminutive sweeper, managed to pivot and shoot home at the near post past the luckless Do It goalkeeper who was so confident it was missing that he was a tad annoyed with himself when it didn't.

2-2. Fortunately Sheard took the blame like a man accustomed to it which was just as well as moments later he was at it again with a ferocious backpass which Grice volleyed clear only to an onrushing Pomeranian n't! Sid didn't make the celebrations for this one. 4-2 and the Swabians had to be finished but no back they came again. Do It were caught on the break by the speedy German Indonesian striker and a lunging tackle from Eric deflected the ball onto the post away from the covering dive of the stand in keeper and rebounded straight to the Jindo, who prodded it in. 4 -3 and the shakes were back for a nervy last few minutes which Do It thankfully saw out without any further generosity at the back.

Saturday, January 19, 2007 at ISCI, Ciputat
Knudde - German Plus 4:1 (1:1)

Pitch and weather conditions close to perfect, not too hot, so no excuses for either team. Both teams showed up with a sufficient number of players, at least it looked like that.

German Plus took control of the match from the very early beginning. In the first minutes of the match a bad tackle in the penalty area, which should have resulted in a red card and a penalty. Nothing given but our player Felix got a badly damaged ankle and will be out of action probably for some weeks. The Knudde player however apologised after the match.

German Plus kept on pressuring the Dutch defence, but as so often were unable to convert several good chances. Then a nasty challenge from behind by our player Yannick, which was completely unnecessary and inappropriate. Again, it was not punished by the referee. Midway through the first half the third counter attack of Knudde brought the lead for the Dutch team. Then after German Plus was lucky, when Knudde hit the cross bar. Ten minutes after Knudde took the lead, German Plus was able to level, and with 1-1 at the break we were all confident looking forward to the second half.

Well, it came completely different. The first 15 minutes of the second half not much happened, then Knudde took the lead again, 2-1. Ten minutes later an unstoppable rocket finished German Plus, 3-1 and then the destruction of German Plus began. The whole team basically collapsed and on top we also weakened ourselves. First our movie star Darius was fouled close to the penalty box, which should have resulted at least in a yellow card, because the Knudde defender was the last man. Consequently Darius got upset, was then pushed by another Knudde player and then both of them received yellow cards. Darius got furious and hit the yellow card out of the hands of the referee, which resulted in a red card for him. Childish behaviour. German Plus down to 10 men.

Then after our player Moritz got a bad cramp and was out of action for several minutes. No substitute available! Either injured (Felix), already under the shower (Andre, Patrick, Yannick), already dressed again (Herman) or walking around in flip flaps and drinking beer already (me). German Plus down to 9 men. Knudde took the opportunity and scored another goal. All in all a well deserved victory for Knudde. German Plus strengthened their 10th position in the league table, but then we did where we are almost unbeatable. The drinking competition after the match clearly won by German Plus.

 Scorer (G+): Mathias Cremer

Yellow cards: Knudde 2, German Plus 1

Red cards: German Plus 1

Man of the Match (G+): Ian Duell

Saturday, January 13, 2007 at the British School, Serpong
DO IT - German Plus 2:2 (1:1)

Both teams showed up with plenty players and had enough substitutes. However, no referee team showed up, so Erwin (the usual goalkeeper of DO IT) made the referee and did a good job. Our player Herman was one of the linesmen.

The match in the opening stage was balanced, first big chance for German Plus, but the header was cleared off the goal line. Shortly then after DO IT had the big chance to score, but missed.

After half an hour or so, finally DO IT's Indonesian striker Rudi was successful and opened the score sheet. But it took German Plus only 3 minutes to equalize. 1-1 at the break and due to so many players we had to buy additional waters.

Second half was balanced as well, but this time midway through the second half German Plus took the lead. A well-placed long distance shot could not stopped by the good DO IT keeper, who saved his team later on some occasions. This time it was DO IT to fought back and within soon they equalized due to some poor defending by German Plus. That was also the final score.

I believe all in all a fair result in a very fairly played match. Not many beers for everybody, because we were simply too many players.

No cards!

German Plus scorers: Mathias Cremer, Salomon Gonzales

German Plus Man of the Match: Ian Duel

Sunday, December 16, 2006 at Sentul
Team Japan - German Plus 0:1 (0:1)

The match began a bit slow as Team Japan was waiting for a few stragglers. German + took advantage of the situation and dominated in the early part of the game. We created some good opportunities on corners and set plays forcing the Japanese to clear several balls off the line. As has been the case so often this season, plenty of excellent opportunities but the back of the net remained elusive for us Germans. Finally, near the end of the first half, the steely defense of the Japanese broke down and the Germans were finally rewarded for their constant pressure. The ball was crossed in from the flanks and a German + attacker, Team Japan defender and goal keeper all went hard to the ball. The ball ended up at the feet of a German + midfielder who had followed the play in. He passed the ball into an open goal and finally the Germans had found the back of the net.

The second half continued much like the first but with Team Japan having a bit more of the play than they did in the first half as we began to tire. The Japanese counter attacks were thwarted by excellent man to man marking of there primary targets. We had several more very good chances but were denied a "cushioning" goal.

Both teams fought well and the game was played in a good, competitive spirit. The rains of Sentul rolled down from the mountains as the final whistle blew and provided a pleasant back drop as we enjoyed post game sausages and beer. The game and the post match festivities were a fitting sending off for Uwe who is leaving German + at the end of the month. Best of luck Uwe.


Sunday, November 19, 2006 at ISCI
BuGils - German Plus 1:1 (0:0)

A really tough and hot game for German Plus, having only 11 players, meaning no substitution, due to misunderstanding (Ian, not reading his SMS correctly) came at the final whistle with Brian. Kai also showed up at the end of the game. (although Patrick told him, that the game would start earlier.) Both sides were fighting hard to score, G+ playing a good game in the first half, showing a strong defense as well offence. 

In the second half German Plus showed the same strength as the first half, and finally scored (excellent goal by our senior players Ralf) afterwards one of the G+ players, received a yellow card for insulting the ref, which put the team down to 10 players. Shortly after bugils managed to score.

Ö and the BuGils version:

In sweltering conditions at Blok M, BuGils turned out in number against the German team with only 12 men and several influential players of previous years missing. 

BuGils started very brightly and made numerous chances throughout the first half, including a good save from the keeper and a shot blazed over the top from close range. 

The Germans were suffering in the heat with only 1 substitute and were probably lucky to go in even at half-time. So after a very positive half-time team talk, what did we go and do in the first 3 minutes. 

Our midfield lost its shape; the quick German forward broke through and was knocked over by Darshan on the edge of the box. To be honest, it looked like a penalty, but the German midfielder placed his free kick nicely round the wall and with their first shot in anger it was Germans 1 BuGils 0. 

BuGils were frustrated but managed to get back in the game and got a few half chances that weren't on target. Then after a break down the left by Will, he crossed the ball to me at the far post, and being unmarked and five yards out, I managed to head in the top corner: 1-1. 

The BuGils boys were flying but didn't manage to get a goal in the last 15 minutes. The bar talk was of 2 points lost, but we did well to come back after going behind. The rest of the bar talk was utter nonsense, including Ray spouting his random facts, culminating in a speech on "There's a lot of knowledge in 'ere" and tapping his head. 

Apparently, if you watch the Discovery channel, you can find out all about homosexual tendencies, how the first oil well was dug 6000 AD (! erm.....!), where the crown jewels are from and which Premiership team wears a Scottish flag and thistle on their shirt. Answers on a postcard to Ray .....

Cheers all, Mark

Wednesday, November 15, 2006 at ISCI
Vikings - German Plus 3:1 (0:0)

German+ should have scored several times but did not Ė it seems to be the German+ mantra this season. Well played first half by both team with German+ squandering several very easy opportunities. Score was zero - zero at the half.

Various changes in the second half to the German squad affected the composure of the team and the Vikings began to pressure consistently. Two header goals later off of set plays the Vikings were up by two. The Germans began to pressure but then gave up an unfortunate goal where the goalkeeper kicked the ball into a Viking player while attempting to clear the ball and the ball rebounded into the net. The Germans continued to fight and earned a goal for their efforts. They then pushed several players forward leaving gaps in the defense which the Vikings exploited for the final goal.

A physical game that got out of hand at times but tempers were quickly cooled by beers after the match.

30 October 2006
German Plus Ė FC D's Place 0:4 (0:1)

The German Plus match report (by Kai)

Hi everybody, this is Harry Hirsch, reporting live from the (nice) ISCI stadium in Jakarta. I had several reasons yesterday to join the game of German Plus against D's Place. For once, I had a bet with John (owner of D's Place), which didnít materialise since he did not show up, second I wanted to see whether I know any of those guys from Dís that might buy me a beer at Dís one day and, third, I promised Ralph I will be there (after a couple of Jšgermeisters though...). The evening started well with Mathias giving me Rp. 300.000 from Nico, so that I could buy myself a couple of beers, as well as the sight of the red jerseys we were wearing. But, to cut a long story short: Plus lost 4:0 against Dís Place, a well deserved win for Dís with no chance at all for the plus team (I am not sure whether Dís fielded a goalkeeper, there was a guy in a yellow shirt that picked up the balls behind the goal once or twice....).It could have been much worse, but Dís forward scrambled a lot of chances in the second half... Dís coach (?) was Russian (but only 2-3 Russians on the field, the others were French speaking (I understood from Silent Dale - he was at ISCI since 4 o'clock and gave a nice speech at half time ' first time I have seen two teams dressed uniformly....' - that 6 of the Dís team were 'want to be professionals' waiting for a contract, except for the number 10, I wonder contract for what....), Indonesians and, partly English speaking.....! I have never seen any of these guys in Dís place and I asked John later, neither did he. So much for the spirit of the game. Dale took some notes and, as usual, wants to consider that (same usual Dale's blabla...).

Back to the game: It started pretty much on time and, contrary to the Dís Place team, I did not see a 'Mannschaftsbesprechung' (team discussion ?) by Plus. That might explain the chaos in the first couple of minutes, even what looked like a 4-4-2 formation. Plus was pretty much even the first 10-15 minutes, but was then outpaced, especially on the Plus right side with, slightly overweighed Nico, by Dís number 10 (I understood he was from Cameron and my MOM of Dís) and Ralph (my MOM of Plus) could barely keep them off the Plus goal. A lucky bounce of the ball after a throw in gave Dís the lead and they never looked back. Thierry and Yannick up front got more and more frustrated and fell back, so that there was no one to play the ball to up front anymore. A midfield was non-existent, the right midfield (first Rino, then the guy from Munich) was right winger, leaving big holes in the back (where first Nico and then Max were asked too much), Mathias was parking on the left side (like Howie in the good old days), ignored by the rest of the team. And in the back, apart from Ralph and, partially Doni, Mr. Agung wanted to enjoy himself. With Ralph injured in the second half, plus fell completely apart. A silly foul gave Dís a penalty and made it 2:0. Further goals were just a matter of time. Number 10 finished a nice run and another lucky bounce of the ball gave them a fourth goal. It could have been worse.....and Plus? Yes, they were there! The only one, beside Ralph, that played up to his potential was Maxi who, at least, moved into the position of the player he was replacing disregarding whether he likes that position or not. Well done Maxi! And we were the better dressed team..... apart from that, I had a nice evening, a nice chit-chat with Dale (who sees the future champion in Plus - well, he had a couple of beers - and the best team since he played for German Plus with Fritz and Eric..)

... and D's view on the match (by Nick): 

We were looking to get back into the win column after a disappointing final minute loss to BuGils just before the break. Last year we split our season series with German Plus, with them handing us our most lop-sided defeat last season (6-2). We started off strong and controlled the play and had lots of opportunities to score but didn't really manage to test their keeper. They on the other hand, were coming through the mid-field too easily and this caused a few defensive lapses, which we luckily managed to escape. We did however catch a lucky break when a throw-in by Geoff into the box was missed by their defender and tapped in by Nico. Half-time score was a fragile 1-0 lead.

In the second half, we made some positional changes to tighten-up the mid-field. This proved successful as they weren't able to generate much offence. We made it 2-0 after a penalty kick to finally give us some breathing room. We continued to pressure them and finally started to get rewarded for our hard work. There keeper made some great saves to keep it close but he couldn't save them all. Great individual efforts by Emma and Guillermo made the score 4-0 to seal the victory.

Some ridiculous comments were made by Kai Fischer. He commented and accused us of fielding a team of (6) professional players, which is utterly untrue. He doesn't seem to understand that we have three Indonesian players including our keeper. Joel has been with us since our inception into the league, Amos for two seasons, our keeper two seasons and the other Indonesian (Rudy) is our ball boy. Joel and Amos are both going to University. Our two Africans have been with us for two seasons and come week-in and week-out and are really likeable lads, otherwise they wouldn't be on the team. He said we have a Russian coach; this is in fact Alex, Yuri, and Andrey's friend who comes to all the games to give team support. They on the other hand, do have two players seeking professional contracts (Thierry and Yannick) and had several Indonesian players on the bench waiting to play.