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"Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense" *)


An email correspondence

A typical episode at the sidelines of the pitch - an inside view of the international football league in Indonesia's capital

Football not always only takes place on the green grass. It is also a playground for functionaries who - even when they are active players - from time to time have something better to do than play ball. Or are they only fools who think nothing bad of it ... *)

The following correspondence was intercepted between 10 December, 12.32 hours and 11 December 2003, 20.12 hours. Dear reader, think what you may of it:

… and paranoia

—— Original Message ——

From: Guyve – Team Italia
Team Captains
December 10, 2003 12:32 PM
Knudde - Italia

Dear All,

Yesterday we should have played Wanderers but than on Monday Dale inform us that we will play Knudde instead. I asked why he said because suddenly Wanderers has to play Bugils on Wednesday, but than Jores from Bugils told me that is not truth. Well anyway, we where at the same time very disappointed by such behavior and proud to see how much they fear us. So after all it seams like they are not such Champions. Telling you the truth, Dale can play arround as much as he wants with the schedul, but he will not take us for FOOL and Italia team WILL NOT ACCEPT his presence next time we play Wanderers. He got an unfortunate Red Card and he should asume the fact that he will be missing the next scheduled game, which was against Italia. Otherwise it will become to easy, and as League Coordinator he will be able to manipulate any of us each time that will be convenient for his team.

Ihope you all share my opinion regarding Dale’s latest attitude.

Sincerely yours, Guyve

——Original Message——

From: Dale – Team Wanderers and league coordinator
December 10, 2003 2:09 PM


In response to your e-mail.... mellow out as nobody was taking anybody for a fool or moving the schedule around to suit playing against the Italians. I was not in contact with Joris but with Bart and we were making up a ‘make-up’ match as ESE boys were not able to play on Monday. Bart was trying to get the game ready for tonight but couldn’t get enough players for a 6::30 PM kickoff which Nina let us know was the only available time as the 8:00 PM slot is already booked at that time. I could say though that last week you did change your schedule so that you would have Bugils before the Wanderers game rather then the Japanese which you viewed as the tougher of the matches. Perhaps that is not the case but perhaps it is. Only you know deep inside whether what I just said is true or not. But you seem to think that way by accusing me of that behaviour which makes me suspicious of your intentions.

I have so many cancellations and there is only me finding times and places to play for over half the teams in this league. That includes getting the referee payments to them and the refs scheduled each game. That includes trying to find anybody any available time and date to get the matches in.

So get your facts straight before you ever send out an e-mail like that again!

Let this be a warning to you. Take it very seriously.

If I ever see another one of these e-mails with you accusing me of foul play then I am handing the entire league to you with all of the time and expense that it takes. I and everybody who participates in the league will expect you to do as good or better a job.

You, my friend, have no clue how much time that this takes. No idea. So apologize now in public or take the league over starting tonight.

Furthermore, because of the red card I am missing a match which is far more important to me than playing against the Italians and that means I will be missing the match against my former club German Plus.


—— Original Message ——

From: Guyve – Team Italia
December 11, 2003 11:30 AM

Dear Dale,

I understand your anger, but that is not the most accurate way to justify yourself. Bugils was just a little sample. Another case was the Knudde one as you know. So please do not blame on us to have such interpretation and do not expect from me to argue so much in public over all de points you are bringing out. Last Tuesday before our game with knudde, I informed our dear committee about what we notice.

As I told you last night on the phone, and as we can notice from the various e-mails we are receiving since, we all do appreciate very much all the efforts you are putting on this league, and are all very much aware of the time and dedication it takes. But this does not mean you could not be tempted to try your luck.

Any way in my opinion, the best way to proof your sincerity would be to ask whoever the team you will play next, to let you play, and hold your red card suspension for your game against Italia, as it was plan before Wednesday Dec.3rd.

Sincerely yours, Guyve

(On behave of the Italian team)

——Original Message——

From: Dale – Team Wanderers and league coordinator
December 11, 2003 1:08 PM

Okay, I agree to that solution. If German Plus agrees that I can play against them on Friday then I will gladly sit out the next Italian game to prove my sincerity that I was not fidgeting the schedule in order to make the Italian match.

I had already made the tentative date with Bart over ten days ago (or more) at Bugils one night when we were trying to figure out how to get the match in before the break. Then the Lions asked to play ESE FC again instead of in the 2nd half of the season in order to use their booking last Saturday. Therefore, I didn’t have a team for Bugils for Monday as originally planned and I thought that would work to have the Wanderers take that slot as the make-up match. Then I thought that Team Italy would be able to play this coming Tuesday against us and then the Wanderers would be almost caught up to the other teams in the first half with matches played.

That was reasoning behind the schedule changes and re-arrangments last week.

So, if Jesper and Alex say okay then I play tomorrow... okay?

Cheers, Dale

—— Original Message ——

From: Guyve – Team Italia
December 11, 2003 1:51 PM

Ok Dale, and we are glad to hear that.

Take care, Guyve

—— Original Message ——

From: Jesper - Team Vikings, Chairman Disciplinary Committee
December 11, 2003 8:12 PM

Dear all,

I would politely but strongly recommend that we do not engage in reading peoples’ mind or get entangled in theories of conspiracies and bad intent that cannot be proven. Such activities are not constructive and I find the strong accusations against Dale unnecessary and unfounded.

I think that Dale has conducted his duties with a until now unknown personal involvement and enthusiasm, which ought to be appreciated by us all. Needless, but anyway, to state that Vikings would be very disappointed if Dale did not continue his good deeds organizing the JIFL for us all.

In regards to when Dale can and cannot play I have no problem if Dale is suspended against Italy and plays against German Plus, but in all fairness we should receive input from German Plus, although I doubt they would have any problems facing Dale on the pitch. However, should German Plus object to this arrangement Dale should be suspended against German Plus and play against Italy should he be able to do so.

brgds jesper

... and how did the story end. Dale did not play on 12 December 2003 against his old team, German Plus, and by this had served his one match  suspension. He still is the league coordinator. Guyve has accepted that Dale joined the Wanderers team in the match against his club (which incidentally in this game took away the one and only point from the Wanderers in the first leg of the season) and - as we assume - is still in search of intrigues.