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The German Plus Family










There is a life after Jakarta! And here is the evidence to prove it. When the players or friends of German Plus Jakarta leave the most loved, most hated megalopolis in South-East Asia, it does not mean they leave the German Plus family. Many decide to remain a member (against a small sponsor fee which Howie considers vital for the financial soundness of the G+ operations in Indonesia and which everybody is happy to pay, especially after receiving a friendly reminder outlining the consequences of further delay).

But let us not dwelve on the these budgetary issues, enter into the picture world of members of the G+ family who have left their kampung in Jakarta, be it Kemang, Cipete, Lebak Bulus or Kelapa Gading and tried their luck at some other place on this planet ....

Chris and family at the Taj Mahal   Alex and family at the shores of the Baltic sea

Stefan, 2006, vor der Allianz-Arena

Michael turns 50