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Jahreshauptversammlung, Hotel Aryaduta, Jakarta, 19. Januar 2001

On January 19, 2001 12 players and 9 sponsors

Howie fuehrt durch's Programm

Hansi Froehlich, Josef Kufer, Heinz Adria, Holger Stapel, Gert Lutter, Geert Ode, Dirk Black, Kalli Reiche, Martin Wachholz

Kai Fischer, Max Stedtfeld, Mathias Cremer, Felix Nitzschke, Jens Adria, Oliver Adria, Marc Spoehring, Chris Remund, Dieter Cremer, Dale Mulholland, Howie, Alexander Stedtfeld

gathered for the annual general meeting (AGM) of German Plus at the Hotel Aryadutta, Jakarta.

The participants2 received the traditional welcome and were then led through the meeting by Howie who started out after some general remarks ("Let everybody have his say till nothing comes to his mind anymore.", "The club will not pay for cigars!") with an overview of the last year.

Telegrams from 2000

Coli left for Australia; Wouter scored 6 goals in one game and a sad moment at the start of the year: Bernd Goeke died

Some early sponsor money for 2000 comes in (Frank Schlossmacher, Rudolf, Manfred, Jürgen von Massow – 200 DM); pitch in Ciputat closed for its catastrophic condition; games played at ISCI; we beat Japan 8:1 in cup competition; Alexander out with injury for a couple of months

Aufmerksame Zuhoerer - Hansi und Kalli

Georg and Marco in their first game ever; we lost in cup competition against Wanders; Winfried from the the Indonesian hinterland on visit; Joachim pays membership fees for 14 months; Hans returns to Germany with one or the other tear in his eyes but remains a passive sponsor (did not turn up for his farewell game – no hard feelings we had fun anyway); Marc pays his membership fees for 2000; Jens out with injury; Dale back from the States; Marc plays his first game in 2000

Budi scores 4 against the Rovers; Dan plays his first game in 2000 – Chris scores his first goal of the year (that seems ok keeping in mind that he has to come up all the from the defence everytime); Philippe joins, plays his first game and scores; German Plus reaches cup final; league still open – GP, Italy, DIU in competition for the championship; Michael Nagel in Jakarta

Robin, Rhino and Rudi play their first game in 2000; another new player – Fudie: first played, first scored; we participate in Six-a-side in Sentul; we loose against Italy (1:3) which destroys GP championship hopes; Italy champion of 1999/2000 season (congrats – with some grinding teeth) – DIU come in second, GP in third; we win the CUP (5:0 over JIS); end of the season party (all league teams) at Bugils; poor attendance at the GP end of the season party at Aryadutta Hotel

"Tabloid bola" tournament disappointing (don’t remember why, ask Howie in case you want to know); we said goodbye to Fritz, Hugo, Michael Zoellner, Thomas Knueppel – didn’t work out with Nils either (I don’t know what that means but it’s in the records; Farewell match for cannonball Wouter – 48 goals in 24 games

Robin scores his first two goals in 2000 (in one game); Thomas Heck plays on a temporary basis; short of players; Chris puts in one with his head – Dieter sinks a penalty

... alle konzentriert!

Klaus Altemeier on visit – his son plays one for GP; Alexander back in action (pelan-pelan); Robin returns to Germany; Martin in Jakarta but didn’t network; Kai makes his comeback in 2000 – and scores; Hansi sponsors Adesrade drinks (!); Fernando back to Jakarta; Daniel Jahn and André Koehlmann play for GP; Heinz back on the pitch (!) – this will lead to some discussion at the AGM whether he should be allowed to vote as an active player (which will be declined in the end); Max (son of Alexander joins); Alexander scores for the first time for GP

Oliver Schlegel and Thomas Heck (again) on temporary player assignment; Fernando leaves Indonesia – only Kai, Howie, Marc and Alexander show up for his farewell party at Lana Thai restaurant (due to improvable public relation efforts); six-a-side disaster; Dan leave GP in the French way (didn’t tell anybody); Rhino starts playing for Italy (leads to speculations: out to become a champion; under pressure from his university team coach ….. – anyway, it doesn’t seem to be an issue anymore);

Game against the Chinese Embassy at ISCI – no records available (was anybody there ?? – I remember somebody saying we should play them again)

Howie puts in longer and longer and longer and longer and ….. hours at work ("someone please pick up the drinks") – but will still be allowed to vote as a player; first 2000/2001 league match lost against JIS (1:5); lost against Italy (2:6); another loss – this time against the Wanderers (1:2)

Ramadan – Agus repeatedly fails to put one of his strong and wonderful teams on the pitch; Robin back in play action; last league match in 2000 won against Knudde (3:2); sponsorship by Winfried – 3.000 DM

The young took on the old guys (when our opponent didn’t show up) – and lost (4:10)
…. and then there was this memorable Saturday when all beer bottles return to Howie: no game played, all bottles emptied (by Hansi, Howie and Alexander (the last one by Howie on his way home while the other 23 were safely tucked away in his trunk). Which leads to the following conclusion: "It wasn’t the gardener after all" (!)


The statistical side of playing soccer with German Plus in 2000

Last year we played 76 games (3 amongst ourselves when the other team

 (usually one of Agus "strong and wonderful opponents" did not show up). In fact we played 86 but on 10 games no documentation is available. Out of the 73 games against other teams we won 51, lost 16 lost and drew the remaining 6 games. Applying the 2-point-rule for games won we come to 108 – 38 points with 306 – 127 goals in our favor.

The top 5 rankings for games played, goals scored and assists are:

Details statistics are attached to the minutes of meeting

A monthly analysis shows the following picture:

Month Games Won Lost Draw Points Goals
January 7 5 1 1 11 : 3 26 : 9
February 5 5 0 0 10 : 0 27 : 6
March 7 4 2 1 9 : 5 28 : 17
April 7 6 0 1 13 : 1 30 : 5
May 8 6 1 1 13 : 3 45 :23
June 4 3 1 0 6 : 2 25 : 11
July 3 2 1 0 4 : 2 7 : 2
August 8 6 2 0 12 : 4 41 : 12
September 8 7 1 0 14 : 2 34 : 10
October 6 4 2 0 8 : 4 17 : 8
November 7 0 5 2 2 : 12 8 : 22
December 3 3 0 0 6 : 0 8 : 2
Total 73 51 16 6 108 : 38 306 : 127

For those who want even more details on which team we played in which month with what result please contact Howie.

Balance sheet for 2000
Income Expenses
Membership fees 26,5 Mio Rp Drinks at games 6,5 Mio Rp
Interest 0,7 Mio Rp Parties/THR 11,4 Mio Rp
Donations3 13,3 Mio Rp Pitch rental/referee fees etc.4 20,8 Mio Rp
Others5 4,5 Mio Rp Administration6 1,5 Mio Rp
Total 45,0 Mio Rp Total 40,2 Mio Rp
Balance 2000 4,8 Mio Rp
Account balance on 31.12.1999 25,0 Mio Rp
Account balance on 31.12.2000 29,8 Mio Rp

3 out of that: 12,2 Mio Rp from Wilfried (including 0,5 Mio Rp for shirts)

4 including a loan for Tungki (not yet fully repaid)

5 Repayment of loan, reimbursement of pitch rental fees

6 Mugs etc.



Discussions and Elections


President Dieter (unanimously)
Captain Kai (5 votes)

Alexander (4)

3 abstentions

Vice captain Alexander (as runner up)
Match coordinator, homepage Jens (unanimously)
Equipment maintenance Liz (supported by Matthias/Dieter)
Treasurer/drinks manager Howie (unanimously)
Travel, party and farewell committee Chris/Dieter/Marc (unanimously)


Led by Oliver a change of pitch (to ISCI) was discussed.

As a reminder:

The rental fees at ISCI are 300.000 Rp per game (500.000 Rp with floodlight) and the day matches on Saturdays have to be played on 1.30 p.m, the field at Ciputat comes for 500.000 Rp per month.

Points raised:

Dieter has started to give 100.000 Rp per game to the field keeper for regular cutting of the grass, levelling holes; pay for new nets (Dieter supported by Chris)

Flagpole: would be nice to have it removed but no real priority although some thought was given to an action plan (on the other hand there is only one who runs against it – Dieter (said the man himself)

Was waere G+ ohne diese beiden Jungs?

Hansi offers to construct a "Walze" (that’s a heavy thing that you can roll around which will eventually level the ground – if you roll it around long enough), he will provide the design and the actual construction free of charge, material to be payed from the GP account.

Since there had been an extensive preparation by email in advance it soon came down to take a vote

The result (only players):

7 to stay at Ciputat
4 to move to ISCI
1 abstention

… oh yes: Heinz really didn’t get to vote but he put up a good fight!

So it’s still Ciputat the field of our ancestors (and the incentive to the field keeper is already showing), grass cut, holes filled and the goals even sport shiny blue nets (as of 27 January 2001).


He has been retired from game fixings (unless, of course, you consider his refereeing to come down to the same). This is now taken care of by Tungki and Herman. The teams are still wonderful but now they are really strong (see match reports provided by Dieter) – no bare-footed kids anymore against whom Ollie can score ten in a single match. Although Agus is considered "Alteisen" (literally translated: "old iron" which refers to things or persons which should be dumped in a scrap yard – Dieter) what would we do without him (Chris). The argument that we might offer him a retirement payment of 2 Mio Rp to get rid of him so nobody would have to get mad at him anymore was turned down after this noteworthy intervention: If one would give 2 Mio Rp to anybody just to keep him off ones back one would soon be a poor guy in this country (Kai).

An undisclosed issue

Howie would have liked to discuss another point but he didn’t want to elaborate. Participants refrained from pressuring him but some speculation made (… is it about the shirts???)

Game action

Frank Schlossmacher residing in Singapore has offered to bring his team to Jakarta for a weekend. Play a friendly and then guess what

Chris proposes a team tour to Malang. Everybody is enthusiastic and plans will be made for the end of August 2001 by the party committee

Another team tour is envisaged for October 2001 to Solo making use of the public holiday on the 15th of that month

TGIF – Friday night team meetings

In the past months held again in Espresso (Kemang across from Kemchicks) it was decided to shift the venue to Café de Paris (at the end of Jl. Kemang Raya)

Name change

Dale proposed to change the name of GP (don’t remember which name he suggested). But it was turned down (anyway) – amongst other reasons the proposed name was considered to long. In supporting his proposal Dale elaborated on the nationality mix of the team (in a way only Silent Dale is able to do it – thanks for the enlightening and spirited remarks, Dale, - you weren’t really serious, were you). On the lighter side: There was a reference to a certain nationality for which Dale asked for a translation into German – which was eventually given by Howie (yeah – him again). Unfortunately it cannot be included into this report – ask someone who was there.

DLL (= other issues)

GP will provide oversees sponsors with a special shirt (with collar) including logo and sponsorship reference. Heinz and Dieter volunteered to do the job (including shipment) – so look out for them and be sure to wear them at play time (Wednesdays, 4.30 – 6 p.m., Saturdays, 2.30 – 4 p.m. W.I.B = Waktu Indonesia Barat). A reminder during the discussion of this issue (which was proposed by Chris) on the costs prompted Heinz to the following remark: "Wir sind doch kein Sparverein" (transl. – We are not a savings club).